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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Locks of Love

A few days ago, I took a much anticipated trip to my favorite hair salon to see my favorite stylist!  You see I've been growing out my hair for 18 months.  And it was long!  Super long!  It was difficult to do anything with, blow dry, shampoo, or style.  Most days I just let it air dry and then put it up in a pony tail. 
I have known for awhile that I was going to make a change to my hair.  So I spent a few extra months growing it out to make sure it was long enough to donate.  I have always wanted to donate my hair to "Locks of Love".  They are a charity that makes wigs and hair pieces for children going through cancer treatment.  I have been touched by cancer for the last ten years.  My dad passed away from cancer and many family members have had cancer.  People I love.
For me this was something tangible that I could do to show support and love.  Really they are the ones that have done the difficult work (surgeries, treatments, chemo, radiation, tests).
So off it came!  All 10 inches of it.  That is the minimum requirement to donate so they can make the hair piece.  It was a crazy and exhilarating feeling to hold my hair.  Some teenage boys were enthralled with what I was doing and asking me a zillion questions about if I had donated my hair before etc.  It was funny. 
Another reason I choose to cut my hair is to signify a change in my life.  This last year has been difficult and a growing season for me.  I will start a new job position in the I felt led to.  I will be returning to my roots of early childhood education.  
This style of hair cut always makes me "feel" more teacherish! 
I am very happy with the hair cut and the donation to Locks of Love.
At home the hair goes into a plastic ziplock bag and then submitted with the form.  It will travel all the way to Florida to be processed and made into something beautiful for someone very beautiful!

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