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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Week #33 & 34 @ The Dahlhouse

Weeks #33 and #34 had us busy preparing for back to school.   A couple of days a week, I teach very early mornings.  If Matthew happens to wake up before I am finished, this little helper girl comes to his rescue.  I had asked her to go and play with Matthew while I finished up feedback on my last couple of students. When I entered his room, this is what I found.  Instead of being frustrated with the amount of times I have told her she is too big for his crib, I went and grabbed my phone instead and laughed!  Babies 3 & 4 have a more relaxed mama than kiddos 1 & 2.  Lol!  They are pure joy and provide a constant source of entertainment.
This little Man Cub has done so.much.chair.sitting!  He refuses his high chair and insists on sitting with the big kids at the table.  I just ordered a booster seat of Amazon.
More sitting...waiting for his 18 month well child check with Dr. Miller.  Matthew continues to top the growth and weight charts (90%).  He had to get two immunizations while we there.  He was not very happy and made that known! 
My kiddos are never far from making me crack up.  I love them immensely!  Their individual personalities are amazing and they often make it their mission to "make mom laugh!"   I have enjoyed the summer with them.  True there have been times where I want to pull my hair out, but mostly I have enjoyed their companionship this summer with Mark working a crazy schedule.
A love for Elmo.  All of my kiddos...even foster kiddos...have loved Elmo.  I am already looking at ideas for his 2nd birthday (gosh that seems wrong).  The second birthday is always Elmo.  They each have had an Elmo party.
We enjoyed the solar eclipse from the comfort of our backyard. Mark brought out the tunes and we had snacks.  It was really amazing.  We didn't have totality; but it got eerily dark!

A trip to Ikea as I begin to prepare our house for fall.  More looking for ideas than purchasing anything, but everyone enjoyed their restaurant upstairs.  Even Matthew enjoyed pushing the cart around.
Back to school night was a huge success!  Two in middle school and one in elementary.  I don't think this sweet girl could have been more excited. She was literally glowing next to her locker!
One big first grader!
Luke-8th, Grace-6th and Bella-1st.  Bella was already comfortable enough to kick her shoes off and run around barefoot!  Sheesh.  That girl keeps me on my toes.

Week #34 ended with my three month post cancer check up to the dermatologist.  I can't believe it has been 3 months already.  I was feeling pretty confident walking in...I mean...what else were they going to take off, he just saw me a few months ago. 
Post appointment....I left feeling defeated as I had more moles removed at one time than ever before.  And the waiting begins again.  (A post to come on this appointment and other thoughts soon).
Friday we took a trip to the Woodburn Factory Outlets and stopped at Fuddruckers.  It was our kids' first time eating here.  I have such wonderful memories of going to Fuddruckers as a young girl.  It was fun to share that with my kids. 

More.chair.sitting!  Mark tried to put him in a high chair (silly daddy!)
Playing my piano while I worked on VIPKID prep stuff.  SO LOUD but so full of joy (such is my season in life currently).

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