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Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Bad Mommy Moment....and a New Car Seat For Luke

(Luke's new seat, Britax Regent)

The seat itself weighs 26 pounds!!! Heavy
Also, just so you can understand how big this seat is. The straps are set to Luke's height (lots of room to grow)

Ok. I am the kind of person that reads everything regarding parenting and development. This is only proof that one person can miss things. I thought I was following the rules, I thought I was keeping my kids safe in car seats, but apparently, I was mislead. Now, I was never breaking the law, but what I realized was I was putting my son at risk in a booster seat with a regular seat belt. I love Jon and Kate plus eight (great show on TLC). I was reading their website wondering what kind of car seats they used. I looked up the car seat online and ran across a video (Video added at bottom). It changed my life! And, I promptly went out and bought my son a new car seat. I had him in a little booster (because they are legal), but if we were ever in an accident, he could be severely injured, thrown from the vehicle, or even killed because of the his weight, and installation problems as well as just kid stuff (moving the seat belt, turning around, etc). I have never spent that much on a car seat (280 dollars) thanking the Lord for monthly adoption support, but what price tag can you put on your child's safety? He is now riding around in a Britax Regent car seat. He will continue to be in a five point harness until he is 53 inches standing or 80 pounds. In Washington there is a new car seat law (8 years old and 80 pounds). I know many might think that I am overreacting, because we didn't have rules when we were growing up. But, the thing is, we live in a very different world, And anything that I can do to help keep my kids safe, I feel it is my responsibility to choose to do the right thing even if others think I am crazy. Since he now only has one seat, I have another 5 point harness seat on order from Sunshine kids. It is a Radian Car Seat and it is rated the same 53 inches and 80 pounds. There also is a new Britax Frontier Seat coming out soon that is rated to 80 pounds and then a high back booster from 80-100 pounds, that is suppose to do well in side impact crashes. All these seats Regent, Frontier, Radian 80 are all around 280 dollars, so it is easy to see why many parents, like myself, miss this important information because you can buy a legal booster seat for as low as 20 dollars at Wal-Mart. So, many might laugh, but my kids will be in 5 point harness probably until their 8 years old. Did you also know that car seats expire? Apparently they do. Also, you are never, ever to wash the harness straps because they can compromise the integrity of the straps. Always wash with damp cloth and order more if they need to be replaced. Again, all things I didn't know.

Please watch this video and educate yourself even if you don't have children yet. It changed my life.

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