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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Princess Grace

I know that it may seem biased that I write more about Luke. So, I decided to make this entry about Miss Grace. I recently re-designed her room. It is sad that my kiddos are not in the baby stage anymore, so I packed up my classic Winnie the pooh stuff. She now has a pink room. And I am talking pink! It reminds me of the movie "Steel Magnolias" where Shelby is having her wedding and she says that her wedding scheme is her "signature colors, blush and bashful." That is what I think about in Grace's room. Three walls are painted a light pink and one wall is a darker pink. She has princesses adorning every wall and she loves it. I am in the process of painting Cinderella (well Grace insists that it is "Cinderelli") on the wall. I asked Grace what she thought of Cinderella and she looks at me, points her finger and says, "paint Ariel mom." OK I'll get right on that.
From the pictures you can probably see that yes, Grace is still sleeping in a crib. I have tried about 4 times to transition her to a big girl bed. Yeah, not happening. I tell everyone that she is on the five year plan for the crib. Grace is a very independent, bright, funny girl. She refuses to go to sleep when she has all the freedom in the world. There were some nights when she was up until nearly 1 am. And I tried everything. Then she will get up at 2am and 4am and 6am and turn on all the lights in the whole house. And wake everyone up. But the final straw for me was her going to sleep at 11pm, waking at 2am and turning on all the lights, then waking up at 5:30am to her in her church shoes watching her jump up and down on her mattress screaming at the top of lungs in delight. That was it. Back to the crib. Did I mention how horrible her attitude can be when she is sleep deprived? Did I mention how horrible my attitude can be when I am sleep deprived? We are all sleeping much better now. I have also found that she likes the security of the crib and crib tent.

Mark put together the new white shelving that I bought at IKEA. My brother hates that store, but I absolutely love it. It is my mother ship. Grace loves her new room. I am happy to be able to give her a space that is her own and reflects her personality. Yeah Gracie!

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