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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Going to the Lodge...Going to the Lodge...

So this past week we took our family "staycation" to Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, Washington. It was great it was an indoor water park because it rained the entire time we were gone. I couldn't believe how massive the lodge really was.

This is daddy with the kiddos eating in the water park.

My silly girl with her brothers goggles. Grace was fearless when it came to the water. She even went down the water slides with us and loved the wave pool.

Luke and Grace had their own beds in a cabin inside of our room. It was called a "Kid Cabin". The walls inside the room were painted and they had their own TV.

This is Grace 2 minutes after we went into our room. You will notice that she is still wearing her raincoat. She crawled right in "her" bed and covered herself up. You can see some of the mural work up above her.

Me and Mark. Our talented son took our picture.

Me and Gracie.

It was a nice time. The kids had an absolute blast. It is definitely designed for the child. It is not a place to go as a couple (it would frustrate you).

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