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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vacation Bible School

Our church had their annual "Vacation Bible School" this week. My dear, wonderful husband signed me up to help with the preschool kids. I thought "help, how hard can that be?" Well, apparently I was the director of the preschool which meant I got to be in charge of everything relating to preschool!!!! How happy am I? So here is a picture of my crew in all of their glory. All 22 of them.The theme for this year was "Avalanche Ranch". It was a cute western theme. They did a great job on the sets.

Since daddy signed mommy up without asking, mommy signed daddy up without asking. Daddy was a crew leader for Luke's group. Of course daddy really enjoyed his job. While mommy wished that she had daddy's job. I tried to get daddy to trade. No such luck!

Grace in all of her glory and attitude. She is just naughty sometimes. I told her I wanted to get a picture with her next to her friends. She told me, "I not look at you." So this is what I got. This has been a great practice for preschool this fall. God bless Grace's teacher!

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