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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We Start Them Young...

Well, Luke had his first official day of riding motorbikes. Luke's cousin Ethan was kind enough to share his quad with him. Although, I am absolutely certain that we will be the proud owner of yet another motorbike soon. I can't believe how absolutely adorable he looks. And the kills me :)
Luke had an awesome day and loved telling me all about it when I got home from training.

Speaking of training, I have been at a new educators teacher training this week for Vancouver Public Schools. I didn't really know what to expect, but WOW!!! I have only ever been to an orientation for the Christian Schools, so I had no frame of reference. Not only are we getting paid for attending, they have been giving us free stuff and prizes and catered lunches. I can't wait until Thursday because Beaches is catering. Yeah! We have been given so much information and breakout trainings. It has been a great experience. Today, I picked up the keys to my room and met with the new building principal. I started moving furniture around and making it my own. It is really awesome. Vancouver Public Schools does a great job of taking care of their teachers. The new superintendent this year really believes strongly in early childhood education. He and his wife have adopted two children. A little girl from China and a baby boy from the Congo. I really believe in their (I guess it is mine now too) mission statement and the direction for the district. I am really excited about this upcoming school year.

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