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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The First Days...

Well, the first days have come and gone and what a really stressful time this has been. It hasn't been an easy transition. Of course most of you all know that I have been working. I mainly worked this year to pay off our bills.
Luke's first few days of kindergarten got off to a rocky start. The work has been challenging for him and he has often asked for Miss Kristan from his preschool class. I thought about moving him to public school or keeping him home, but after much thought and talking with Mark we decided to leave him for now to see how he does. He has had some better days so hopefully he will adjust to a new routine. Next year I plan on schooling him as he will not be ready for full days of school yet. Sometimes it is very difficult to make the important decisions for your kids.
(Luke's first day of school pose)
Kindergarten 9-2-08

Luke in his Kindergarten class the first day.

Grace loves school! We have had her signed up for three days a week but we have moved her down to two. Three days was a little much for me. She loves her school and friends. Although she has yet to tell me about her teacher.

Grace's First day of Preschool 9-3-08

My first day of school was great. Right now I have 7 kiddos in the am class and 7 kiddos in the pm class. They are all great kids and I enjoy having them. It is nothing like the last experience. Anyway I am enjoying things, but of course I miss my kids terribly.

My desk and area on the first day of kids for me


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