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Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11

It is difficult to believe that 9.11 was seven years ago. I have been reflecting on what I was doing that day. My dad and I spent the day together. I was at my parents house and my dad and watched TV all day sitting in the blue reclining chairs. I remember watching the footage for the first time and thinking it had to be fake because it was so horrific. I had started a practicum placement in the 3rd grade and it was interesting to see how the teachers handled it and how the dynamics of the classroom changed after 9.11. It was also interesting that for the month following 9.11 they had a moment of silence at the beginning of the day over the P.A. system. The silence was deafening following the weeks of 9.11 with no air traffic. I was working at Knowledge Beginnings and you could see the flight traffic flying in and out of PDX. There was nothing for weeks. I loved how everyone was more friendly to each other and everyone showed pride in our country. Flags adorned most houses and people were kind to each other. It was a moment that I wished could have lasted forever, but alas, we have returned to our selfish, ignorant ways. I find it mostly disheartening that we have to have days like today to remind us of times that our country pulled together and stood together as one. It should be like that all the time, not just when horrific things happen.

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