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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Grace is 6!!!!

(Grace in Hawaii; almost 6 years old)

(Grace 5 years old)

(Grace 4 years old)

(Grace on her 3rd birthday)

(Grace 2 years old on Easter)

(When Grace came home: 1 year old)

Happy birthday to my princess who is now 6 years old!!!!! She is the first of my March birthday madness. I can hardly believe that she is 6 years old. We baked cupcakes and took them to her kindergarten on Friday so she could celebrate with her classmates (complete with princess napkins). We are having her birthday party (and Luke's and Bella's) Saturday the 12th. It is a "Mad Hatter" Birthday party complete with an Alice "doll" cake that I will baking. It should be fun, and a lot of work...but they are WORTH all the hard work in the world. I just want them to look back on birthdays and traditions and KNOW that they are SPECIAL.

So here are a few facts about Grace at 6 years old....

Her favorite color is: PINK (there's a shocker for you:)

Her favorite animal is : A HORSE

She LOVES to sing any songs and even made up ones. She is the one that ALWAYS asks me to turn up the music in the car.

Her favorite DISNEY Princess is: CINDERELLA (today anyway)

She wants to be a BAKER and COOKER when she grows up but NOT A CAR WASHER.

I love that she still has phrases that I haven't corrected because they are too cute such as : "glassable" and "Kitty Hello".

I love that she is a girly, girl and LOVES clothes, having her nails painted, make-up, fun shoes and shopping. She will really be a lot of fun when she is older.

Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE 6 year old! Mommy loves you so much!

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