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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eggs & Easter = Excellent

The kids had an awesome Easter (even though we didn't make it to church). The van was not running this past week and Mark had to arrive early because the youth were doing an Easter breakfast fundraiser. Regardless...the kids and I had a fun time thanks to 106 plastic eggs, some food dye and Mimi.

Here is Bella eating her "Easter cupcake". It was so cute she would take a bite and say "Mmmmm".

I attempted to get a picture of all three of them. Miss B would have none of that. Her brother and sister were so good to try and help her. Still she would have none of that.

This was the best attempt at the photo of all three of them. You can see the little tears running down Miss B's face. Poor baby. Her mommy tried to take her picture!

Luke and Grace got toothbrushes for Easter (you know to help with all the "sugar bugs.") Bella was just fascinated by the toothbrush.

"I finally got the toothbrush!"

Happy Girl!!! Easter presents.

Happy boy!

Miss B checking out the grass. She was so funny. She didn't want to get off the patio.

First time swinging in the baby swing outside. LOVED it!!!
Grace was very into dying her eggs. She could have stayed outside for hours putting the eggs in and taking the eggs out.

We went over to my moms where we had Easter dinner and another egg hunt. She even hid the kids Easter baskets like she did for David and I when we were kids. I really had an enjoyable day. Poor Mark had to work, but the kids and I delivered a plate of goodies to him on our way home.

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