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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


(Luke as a student of the Early Childhood Special Education Program through Evergreen)

Let's be honest....I am juggling. A delicate balance of craziness. I went from one "very" part time job to 3 jobs in a matter of a month. I saw a posting for an Early Childhood Special Education teacher position with the Evergreen School District and I thought "why not try for it". It was part-time for just the last two months of school. "why not try for it" turned into "do you want to come work for us?" So...I JUMPED in with both feet. Hired on Tuesday and started on Friday. It has been a whirlwind of activity, fingerprinting and learning a new school. You see....ECC, is where Luke went to Special Education Preschool and where I had one of my special education teaching experiences. It has always been my DREAM school with my DREAM district "Evergreen" Sigh. Not only am I an employee now, but a parent of an Evergreen student and I was a student myself, graduating from Mountain View High School. It is such and amazing opportunity which I am grateful for.

Which leads to the juggling....I also continue to teach at MVCS on Mon, Wed, Fri, afternoons (computer and music). I also am mentoring a client for the Division of Children and Family Services. I am a month into my time with a fabulous family that I am excited for (legally can't share more than that). In seven weeks I will be done with MVCS and in eight weeks will be done with ECC, which will leave just the mentoring which will continue for several more months. It is VERY difficult to not "fall in love" with ECC. I dare not catch myself imagining what it would be like to be an "official" employee year round. can HOPE. The Lord knows and I know it is not by chance or accident that I am where I am.

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