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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Last night I received a call from Janell at Dynamic Learning Services (where Luke is doing his listen therapy). She said that our insurance decided they are NOT going to cover the therapy that Luke so desperately needs. I was shocked as I listened to her sweet voice tell me this. I had done ALL my homework and called the insurance company before we even proceeded with the first evaluation. They had also called and made sure our insurance would cover the therapy. We were both told they WOULD. Janell kindly told me that we had two options: pay for the therapy ourselves, or buy our own ILS (integrated listening system) and do the therapy with Luke ourselves. To take Luke for the 30 sessions to West Linn would cost us 3800 dollars for the 4 months plus gas on the hour commute 2 X per week. To purchase our own ILS and perform the therapy at home will cost 1800 dollars. Yes, the 1800 dollar machine won't be "as" good as Janell's, but they are both made from the same company with the same scientific research.

After she told me the devastating news, I cried for a half an hour. I WORKED so hard arranging all the commuting, fighting for the two different time slots, arranging with the teachers and staff at school, laminating all the speech sounds cards, etc. But mainly I cried for LUKE. WHY must everything be so difficult? I felt like a failure as a mother. "If I was a good mother, I would have the 825 dollars a month to take him." But the truth is I DON'T. So...after a good pity party (thank you Maryjane for reminding me it is ok), a talk from my MOM and MARK, and being reminded by my sweet SISTER that I am Luke's biggest ADVOCATE and a FIGHTER for him....following her lead....I AM GOING TO FIGHT! The health professionals have shown me his deficits, proven to me the auditory difficulties he has and have made the case for WHY this THERAPY is so important. The only thing they haven't done is made the therapy possible for mommy's like me. I don't why GOD would change the path...but here we go. We decided we need to raise the 1800 dollars to buy the machine for home use. Not only will Luke first benefit but Grace can go through it next, and Mark can use it for the Dyslexia he struggles with, and it will only be another tool for my career work in sped.

The TRUTH is...we can't do this alone. This is a time I am asking for HELP. I hate asking for help, but I need it. My sweet sister Katie decided to donate all the proceeds of her online store to Luke this month. I am blown away by her generosity and creativity. You can visit her site and purchase something and all the proceeds will go directly to Luke to help bring him this therapy. Her site is If you would like to make a donation to Luke there is button posted at the top right hand side. If you can offer your prayers to partner with us that God will provide for Luke we would extremely appreciate that too. Thank you!

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