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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Three Years...

Three years ago we said hello to our sweet baby girl...Isabella Mary-Ann...
Three years ago Dr. Bishop delivered and handed us our sweet baby girl.  After eight years of trying and failing, I don't know if either one of us believed this day would ever come.  
Three years ago I knew what instant love really was.  How you could love someone instantly and deeply in a moment.  She changed my world for the better.  I still have moments I look at her and want to pinch myself and thing, "wow...she really is a miracle.  She really is mine."

Two years ago we celebrated her first birthday.  She is like her mommy and LOVES chocolate!

Grace and Bella have been constant companions.  Here she is on her 1st birthday bald and beautiful!  Grace looks like a baby at 6 years old.

Here on her 2nd birthday you begin to see her spit-fire personality and sense of humor.  She is the funniest child.  She had a love affair with Elmo in her 2nd year.  She carried that Elmo around with her everywhere for a while. 

 One year ago, she celebrated turning 2 years old with an Elmo birthday. 

Today...she turned 3 years old.  At 8:13am I held her in arms and told her about her birthday.  She squirmed around me said, "yet go of me mommy," and proceeded to get her brother and sister to smell her stinky feet.  Oh well :)  It's that personality coming through.  I always say she has her daddy's personality.  This years birthday was a "Dora" theme.  She was very into unwrapping the presents and blowing out the candles.  I told her today "Happy Birthday Bella."  And she says to me in her high pitched squeaky voice "Happy Birthday Mommy!"

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