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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Special Kind of Person

As my children were arguing this morning, and it was the moment where I was contemplating whether I should go intervene or let them "work it out" that I found this saying.  It resonated with my spirit. 
How many times have I had people tell me what an incredible, special, wonderful person I am to take care of and advocate for my kiddos with special needs?  More than I can remember...I always have kind words and express thanks, but I ALWAYS tell them that Luke/Grace have been my biggest inspiration and teachers.  That I am who I am and do what I do....wait for it...because of THEM! 
When Luke entered my world almost 10 years ago, he changed my life's course.  He caused me to grow up and taught me how to fight.  I watched him week after week in therapy...I watch him now.  My little fighting hero!  Medical appointments, counseling, therapy, heart surgery, ear surgery, glaucoma specialist (I can't even watch them measure the pressures in his eyes because it looks so painful), nightly eye drops, struggles with school work, struggles with peers, but his tenacity of purpose and incredible LOVE of life inspires me day after day after day after day.  He does NOT lose I don't lose heart (even on the days it feels sooooo difficult) because there are those days (more than I let on).  The days where I let the wonders and worries of my heart surface.  Thoughts I don't ever say out loud, anxiety that I keep disguised.  But I am human...those thoughts are there.  Will Luke ever be able to drive a car?  Will he be able to hold a job?  Will he need to live with us for his lifetime?  Will he go blind?  How will Grace do at school this year?  She will be able to control her OCD?  The answers won't ever change the fact that he is my SON and she is my DAUGHTER!  If you knew their entire story...if you saw with your own eyes where Luke and Grace came would know God rescued them!!!  For that fact alone...I KNOW God has something BIG planned for Grace and Luke's lives.  And the fact, that God could have chosen ANYONE to be their mommy and HE choose ME...little,
imperfect, unqualified me.  I am humbled.

In the meantime I continue to fight, to battle, to advocate, to prepare, to teach, to plan, to make sure that Luke and Grace have every available resource made available to them.  It surely doesn't make me "a special kind of person because I care for children with special needs"...but "my kids with special needs INSPIRE me to be a special kind of person."  It is because of who they are and the grace of God that I am who I am. 

You can read more about being a Special Needs Mom HERE
Thanks for reading! :)

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