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Monday, July 22, 2013

Counting Blessings

Last week was a "hold on tight to the seat of your pants" type of week in the Dahl house :) It was a roller coaster of events, but I decided to that instead of focusing on everything that went wrong (rain out camping, finding out the house needs 4,000 dollars of new plumbing, the van needs new tires, we need a new roof, etc.) that I would share the things in my life in which I am thankful for.  Because...lets face is going to happen, stuff is going to break and need replacing and while I have no idea where all this money is going to come from, I am choosing to think about the many blessings in my life.

I am blessed because Grace got a new bed! My cousin Shauna read about the need we had for a new bed for Grace and GAVE us this beautiful white trundle bed, which, by the way matches Miss Grace's personality exactly! Her husband even drove the bed to our home from Seattle with a whole "crazy truck load of fun" as she called it.!!! Coats, shoes, dvd's, clothes, toys, sheets and all sorts of blessings delivered to our home.  And the great part is that we are in turn able to bless some other families by cleaning out our closets and paying it forward. Thank you again Shauna and family.
I am thankful for my wonderful family.  They are busy and crazy and tons of work and keep me on my toes, but oh how I LOVE them!   
Words can't capture how much I LOVE this man!   My popcorn eating, camping, mountain climbing, motorbike riding, outdoors man.  14 years of marriage and I love him more today than ever before. 
I'm thankful for my children...who love the same crazy stuff Mark and I do!
I am thankful for the crazy 3 year old, smarty pants that keeps me laughing and smiling!
Blessed to take some be able to give our kiddos life experiences!  Thankful for BIG brother!
Thankful for sisters!
Blessed to have medical care, therapies, doctors and specialists to help be apart of the Dahl "team" to make sure life is great for these 3 little special people.  Blessed that the state of Washington decided to reimburse the premium health insurance payments each month and we have an extra $200 dollars a month.  
Blessed by my mom in more ways than I can describe.  So glad she moved back to the 'couve'.  Still so thankful for the girls Hawaii trip we were able to go on together.  What fun and what memories we have!  I'm ready to go again!!!
Thankful to a railroad that provides for our family.  So grateful for Mark's job, for his leadership, his commitment and his integrity.
Blessed by uncles and aunts that make life a little more special for my kiddos, who are amazing friends to me and who I can count on.  

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