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Sunday, July 14, 2013

What NOT to Do with Your Cell Phone...

On Monday I made a mistake!  A BIG mistake!!! I was rushing around the house late for an appointment.  I hurried out the door and went to unlock the van.  My arms were full of my purse, water cup and cell phone.  I decided to be responsible and set my cell phone on top of the van so I could retrieve the keys on the bottom of purse instead of setting my phone on the ground (cause that would be a dumb idea).  Found my keys!  In the, keys, purse, water cup.  Start up away (with the cell phone still on top of the van)...PERFECT!  I ROCK! 

My phone made it a couple of miles before it fell off.  Pretty impressive if you ask me.  Yep my hidden talent...driving long distances with a cell phone on top of a vehicle!  It was the moment I pulled up to my appointment to turn off my cell phone that I realized that it was gone.  The moment when your stomach sinks to the ground and you have that startling realization that OH.CRAP...

So I retrace my route...all the while wishing that I just "forgot" my cell phone in the house.  Then out the corner of my eye...I see it! cell phone case.  "Perfect" I think, my cell phone is miraculously still there intact. Hooray....happy dance...celebrate!  I pull over and walk up to my cell phone case only to find the phone is missing.  My case had been pulled apart into two pieces and thrown in the gutter.  My phone was no where to be seen.  No pieces implying it had been destroyed.  Only a case with tire tracks marking the inside and no phone which meant that it was stolen!

Lesson's learned...
#1.  Don't put cell phone on top of a vehicle.
#2.  Be on time for appointments.
#3.  Be thankful your husband bought insurance for your phone.
#4.  Insurance companies can overnight cell phones.
#5.  Losing your cell phone/having your cell phone stolen is really a first
       world problem.
#6.  Even if the phone wasn't replaced life would go on. 
#7.  I am blessed!

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