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Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm Back...

I took a little break from blogging. The Christmas season started to get wild and blogging took a back seat, but I am back. Well...for starters everyone probably wants to know how the baby is doing...She is doing great. Currently I am almost 28 weeks pregnant. I had another ultrasound (#7) last month before Christmas and she was measuring a few days ahead and looking great. I have another appointment in a week and they will be testing my glucose this time. It is always some fun test that they are wanting to do on me when I go to the doctors. Baby is moving and kicking ALOT!!! Sometimes it feels like she is trying to jump out of my skin. Yesterday during church she was kicking me and my whole belly was moving. I am pretty uncomfortable at this point and very tired. A sweet friend of mine let me borrow all her maternity clothes. What a blessing because I had 2 pairs of pants. I normally wouldn't do this but many have asked for a belly is the most recent. I was 26 weeks. I am carrying the baby all up front. Complete strangers love to tell me that I must be due anytime now. "No, not until early April".

The kids had a great Christmas and thoroughly spoiled. Christmas Eve we had Mark's side of the family over and Christmas Day we spent with my mom and my brother, and his finance Katie. Here are a few pictures.

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