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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Blessing

I am sitting here at the computer, starring at our NEW monitor....thank you Auntie Katie. It is AMAZING!!! What an awesome blessing today to arrive in the mail. I am so appreciative. We have been using a really old monitor that you could barely see at times. And now everything is HUGE and crystal CLEAR. Thank you.

So, my attempt to keep up 2 blogs backfired. Who was I kidding? I can barely manage one, let alone two. So I imported the posts I had from the blog about Luke, and I figure you all will understand if I post a little more about him as I process what we are going through.

I have to share how proud I am of Grace. She is reading little books and doing an excellent job. She read this little book to me tonight and after she finished reading it she exclaimed, "Now I can start learning to read." I said, "Gracie you are reading!" She looked at me and asked, "I can read now? I CAN read now." Then she shouted down the hall to Luke that she knew how to read, to which he replied back, " can't read as good as me." And from there, I am afraid, a shouting match between who could read and not read. Why can't they just get along sometimes? Ugh...the constant bickering is difficult on me sometimes.

Luke is still crying over the eye drops. Some nights he is a champ and some nights I almost have to wrestle him to get him to hold still long enough to insert the drops. I wish I knew some magic trick to make things better.

Bella will be 11 months old tomorrow, and I can't even comment on that :( Time is rushing by at lightening speed.

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