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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Recovery Update

I am currently on day 11 of my recovery. I am finally starting to feel better and not be in so much pain. I am sick of taking the pain medication. It makes my head feel so funny. The toughest part of this recovery hasn't been the pain, but not being able to pick up and snuggle Bella. She is mad at me right now. When I go in to her room to comfort her or rub her back, she shakes her head "no" and pushes my hands away and screams for her "dada" to come and rescue her from the big bad meanie mama.

I got to spend some time with just the older kids today. We took Luke to therapy and then I took Grace and Luke to the Dollar Tree (which is the coolest place to go when your a kid). Everything is a dollar!!! They each selected some toy that will no doubt be broken and or missing by tomorrow. Oh well. I love how excited they are to go to the Dollar Store.

I started another blog. This one is about Luke and the challenges he is facing. I started it because I need an outlet to process this crazy journey of ours and hopefully connect with other families that have similar stories. I also want to raise awareness of Luke and the disabilities that he faces and what help is available to us. You can link to it at the top of this blog...or go to

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