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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bouncy Bella

The 30 hour famine was awesome and a lot of work....but WORTH all of the time and effort we put into it. I was only sad that I couldn't be there the whole time with youth, but motherhood is MULTITASKING and most of my babysitters were at the famine, so we made do.

My arms ache tonight from holding Bella most of the day. I don't think she is feeling too fabulous. Her nose is running and she is congested AGAIN. I hope another ear infection is not in my future. She is sleeping now along with her brother and sister. Grace put herself to bed tonight (that is how much we wore them out). Luke went straight to bed and announced how tired he was. I told him that he could feel free to SLEEP IN (he is my 5:30am riser). After burning the midnight oil for 2 consecutive nights, I am ready for bed too. BUT I couldn't help but post this video of Miss B, bouncing away in her exersaucer. Out of all the babies we have had, I have never seen a baby use the exersaucer like this. I totally cracks me up!!!!

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