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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Week #23 @ The Dahlhouse: New Kids On The Block and Kindergarten Graduation

There was much to celebrate at the Dahlhouse during week #23!  We started our week on Sunday at church.  Aren't these baby Robeez feet the cutest things you have seen???  I spend a lot of time in the "Cry Room" at church.  I am super thankful for it though.  They stream the service through a live feed on a television screen, so I can mostly hear the service. 
Our first s'mores of the year was enjoyed on the patio with our new fire pit.  That was reason to celebrate!

We celebrated my best friends son's graduation from college.  She has this really adorable fountain on her back patio.  Matthew's love language is WATER!  He would have played all day if I had let him.  He protested when I took him inside and put on his PJ's. 

I finally was able to complete some projects with my Cricut and heat transfer vinyl.  I finished this diaper bag, designed two t-shirts for a concert and added the VIPKID logo onto a few orange shirts for my business.
Celebrating Man Cub's boyhood.  He has a freshly skinned knee in this picture.  He is a source of joy and happiness.  I am so thankful he is ours.
Mom and I celebrated teenage years by attending the New Kids on The Block concert at the Moda Center.  Seriously you mom is so awesome to go with me, wear the shirt, and dance and sing.  I think this why she looks so young.  She is young in heart.
It was WILD!!!  Mom took me to my very first concert (which was New Kids on The Block) on Valentine's Day 1991.  26 years later...we were back!  It was the most fun I have had in a very LONG time.  It made me feel like a teen again.

Jordan is still my fav!
The Boys were such great performers and you could tell how much they are enjoying being on tour. 
Matthew is a big helper these days.  He is "helping" me with the dishes. 
This little one had her very last day of kindergarten and kindergarten graduation.  I have been so emotional about this!  I cried more this last week of school than I did the first day.  I had a very special connection with her teacher.  She was more than Bella's teacher, over the year she became my friend.  I have a difficult time imagining Bella with a new teacher.  We love you Ms. Cavill. 

 Isn't she the sweetest?  Makes me tear up to think about what she will look like at her high school graduation. 

 Bella and Ms. Cavill
 The class!

 Waiting for her name to be called....
 Bella and Mr. Hoff (school principal).
Celebrating friendship in the neighborhood.

June 8th we celebrated Grace's 10th adoption day.  We are so grateful to have this little princess in our lives.  Even if she is twelve going on twenty.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Week #22 @ The Dahlhouse

Week #22 started off with a holiday.  I enjoyed some down time after my big birthday bash.  We recently purchased some new patio furniture and I must say I really LOVE it.  I've also served as mediator for about a bazillion badminton games.  I hate sitting out, but my arm isn't in badminton shape right now (darn scar from my skin cancer). 
I had this FABOULOUS idea to take the kids shopping at the mall.  We hadn't been to the mall in awhile, and Luke needed new shoes, and my kids generally love going to the mall.  I should have known.  I should have remembered...shoe shopping for Luke is not for the faint of heart.  Everything has to fit precisely or NO GO!  It took two hours, six shoes stores, one container of baby puffs, package of crackers, and a few bad words muttered under my breath before he located the "perfect" shoe.  Sensory disorders are a real thing! 
After Mark came and took the baby home (and I purchased him a new outfit because he peed through his clothes and little prepared me didn't pack him an extra outfit) I took the olders out to sushi.  Oh my word!!!! They loved it!!! 
 This beauty!  Twelve years going on twenty!
 The aftermath of the sushi feast!
This is a book I am thinking about ordering.  My therapist (yes I have one) recommends it.  I am always looking to shape my parenting into ways that meet my children where they are. 
We purchased a gizmogadget watch/phone for the kids.  Luke loses things all.the.time. and we wanted him to be able to be more independent.  This is amazing device.  It even had a GPS locator in it.  Safety is big with us!
We enjoyed the kids' student led conferences.  They each had the opportunity to present some of their best work from the school year.  It was very meaningful, and we are incredibly proud of our three children.  PS... I don't have a picture of Grace's conference because I had to take Bella to the bathroom and held Matthew the entire time.  I try...I try.  We celebrated with lunch at Red Robin which I have no picture of because I spent most of the time praying that we would survive the lunch with Matthew.  He is at that age where everything is difficult.

Friday evening we celebrated the end of the school year with the annual Lion Palooza.  We had never been before, but enjoyed an evening of face paint, bouncy houses, dunk tanks and silly string.  We were able to hear from the school's superintendent that they just purchased land and will be building a new campus soon. 

Saturday we had 4h and enjoyed the time with our bunnies.  In the next couple of weeks we will be adding another bun-bun to our crew. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Week #21 @ The Dahlhouse

Week #21 @ the Dahlhouse started with me discovering there were 30 pictures of Bella's foot on my iPhone!  LOL!  I love this girl.  Just when I start to worry about my pathology results, she comes through for me! 
Buddy had been very sick.  I ended up taking him back to the doctor, and his ear infection was NOT better, so he ended up on a stronger antibiotic. This is a rare photo where he seeks me out and lays his head down.  Man Cub is a mover and never stops moving.  I loved the snuggles. 

Despite feeling cruddy, he did enjoy some backyard patio eating.  This boy LOVES the outdoors and chips ahoy cookies!

My pathology report FINALLY came back and the news is that there is NO MORE CANCER.  Mark and I both cried over this news.  While we expected good news, there is something peaceful about hearing it from the doctor.  I had my bandage and stitches removed and got to see my scar for the very first time.  It is shocking the aftermath of one mole.  My scar is a good six inches.  It is sore in a few spots and my arm hurts if I raise it too high.  Even though it will fade over time, there will always be a reminder of this journey. 
I enjoyed getting to hear the girls perform in their Spring concert.  I was amazed at the singing and effort put into the performance!  They also had some of their artwork on display. 

We ended the week celebrating my 38th birthday.  Seriously 38 just sounds sooo old.  I can't even believe it! Normally I am not a party person.  Sure, I love to give a good party, but never for myself.  But given the news we received about my skin cancer, I decided to celebrate with a party and all my friends.  YOLO (you only live once) is my new motto!

I ended the night feeling so very loved by some of my favorite people!  It was a really good week!
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